Change Meets the American Public

I've been poking around at of late to see what the President elect has in store for us. His team has developed a website that is supposed to give the American people a platform to voice their concerns to Obama's administration. The problem is that anybody can get on their soap box, even those with questionable connections to reality and little understanding of how government and America works. Check out the Citizen's Briefing Book, where people can post proposals to be voted on by site users, and see how many mentions of UFOs you come across in 10 minutes. I lost count.

It seems that the site has attracted the attention of a host of highly motivated but woefully misinformed individuals. I would hope that the incoming administration has enough sense to recognise crack pot theories when they see them. But since we're talking about politicians and their cronies why don't some of y'all reading this go on over and take a look see. He's your president after all.

Update: After reading through some more of the proposals and the comments on them I am reminded of a small child stomping its foot and pouting demanding, "I want what I want and I want it now!"

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