From the comments on this 2005 post:

April 1, 2008: "Your blindspots are showing." "I'll forgive your ignorance this time, but try to see beyond your noses."

January 16, 2009: "You're white..."

The only picture I have of myself on this blog is the South Park cartoon avatar at the top of the left sidebar.

(Fixed the date for the January comment.)


  1. January 16, 2009: "You're white..."

    Yeah...that part is SO hard to figure out... (hint: go look at the picture blog).

  2. someone said you were white?? really?? so they thought the south park figure had what? a tan? ha... that is seriously giggle worthy

  3. That is hilarious. Whenever I go to ur blog, the first thing I notice is your stylish avatar and how I want to create one for myself. What did they think, you were a white man who wants to be a black one?? hahaha


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