Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for/that:
  1. Sophia willingly dragging my bag around the doctor's office last week when my back hurt too much for me to carry anything.

  2. A fast recovery from last week's back muscle spasm. I occasionally have to say things like, I can't bend that way right now, but for the most part I'm back carrying my usual load.

  3. I was already home and in the driveway when I locked the keys in the car this week.

  4. I had a functioning cell phone to call hubby with when I locked the keys in the car.

  5. Hubby was only 10 minutes from home when I called him after locking my keys in the car.

  6. I had a baggy of Kix cereal to keep the girls happy and yarn and my crochet hooks to occupy me while I waited for hubby to get home and get my keys out of the car.

  7. It's been a lot easier to keep the living room clean since I banished a bunch of the kids' toys from the house. I'll be repeating the process with kid and grown up stuff in every room of the house multiple times.

  8. Green growing things in the garden (on the cheese not so much).

What are you thankful for?


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