Freedom for all!

Hilarious commentary (to me anyway) from Tim Blair on the race politics of climategate:

Robert James Taylor of the National Black News Journal:

Blacks should not join the global warming battle or accept new taxes or restrictions on their lives until the truth about global warming is actually known.

I dream of a day when this freedom is also granted to whites.

More from the Taylor article:
The CRU is the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia near Norwich, England. The CRU is populated by British and American scientists who more than any other group in the world has been responsible for the computer models and measurements upon which the bulk of global warming predictions are based. Indeed, President Obama was in Copenhagen this week pushing an anti-global warming agenda based largely on CRU data.

There is just one problem: Global warming has actually stopped. Yes, the planet’s mean temperature did rise for at least 30 consecutive years but somewhere around the year 2000 the warming essentially stopped and as of yet has not started up again. This is a fact which the pro-global warming American media seldom, if ever, reports.

But it is widely known in the scientific community. The prestigious Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences in the German city of Kiel is among the scientific institutes to have confirmed the lull (or stop) in planet warming. Top Leibniz Institute meteorologist Mojib Latif says flatly, “… the warming is taking a break. There can be no argument about that. We have to face that fact.”

Even the scientists at CRU knew that global warming had stopped. Take note of this CRU email: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t.”

And from Blair's comments section thus far:
...we know what is true for Black Americans is true for all Americans, and true for all in the Western and wider world. In the real world a Black message will resonate with some more than an inclusive national or universal message. The more voices for economic prosperity and against eco de-development based on junk science, the better.

Blacks against climate change deception - works for me. We’re all black now.

As African conservatives have been known to have said when confronted by environmentalism: you need to be rich and white before you can afford to be green.

Yeah, pretty much. Kind of puts race based pleas to pursue climate change mitigation strategies in a different light if the people who are supposed to be helped are saying, "Um, no thank you."

As a side note I'm glad that all of the "little" developing countries are digging their heels and obstructing "progress" in Copenhagen right. Not matter what they may claim their motives to be they may be the best hope to save the rest of us from the schemes being cooked up in Copenhagen.


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