Surviving the In-Laws

I know lots of you are packing up the kids and heading over the river and through the woods to grandma's. When you get there or while you're on the way take a listen to this. Grandmas and grandpas out there it would be a good idea for you lot to take a listen too. Here's to a harmonious family Christmas.
"What Do You Want from Me?"
Surviving the In-Laws
Psychologist Has Answers

Love. Compatibility. Money. Attraction. These are what lovers consider when they decide to tie the knot. In-laws are usually the last thing on their minds. Yet, dealing with your significant other's family can be an everlasting quest…and it can be a factor that helps determine the duration of the marriage.

British psychologist Terri Apter has found herself scrambling to deal with some of the very situations she counsels others about. She talks with host Mike Cuthbert about how she maintains a healthy relationship with her in-laws, and what she suggests to others.

She’s conducted a study on various in-law relationships, and she collects stories about them– some of which she shares at a Web site, and many of which she has compiled in her latest book "What Do You Want From Me?: Learning to Get Along with In-Laws."


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