Tracking Scientists Behaving Badly

I'm starting to feel like one of those gawkers who turn out to see how bad the three car pile up is. Anyway, Pajamas Media has put together a climategate database for you to peruse and comment on at your leisure.

Here are a couple of interesting reads, Global warming consensus: garbage in, garbage out and Climategate and Scientific Journal Chicanery

Reading the comments section of just about any article on global warming climate change policy is particularly amusing these days since the articles almost universally ignore the unfolding climategate scandal but it keeps cropping up in the comments sections of these articles.

This story amusingly tries to make the argument that CRU scientists and their contacts trying to keep papers that have differing conclusions from their own from being published was actually an attempt to protect the public from "junk" science, Stolen E-Mails Raise Questions On Climate Research. In this case "junk" science being anything that contradicts the "consensus" on global warming climate change.

The very first comment on this story, Obama To Attend Copenhagen Climate Summit, is, "Hey NPR.. Where are the articles on the recent evidence that this climate thing is a HOAX??? Let's quit this lie.. TELL THE TRUTH, it's a scam!!"

This article manages not to mention climategate at all but commenters were more than happy to discuss it, Climate Change Bill Faces Delays In Senate.

The combination of studiously ignoring climategate and commenters trying to down play the significance of the climategate revelations looks rather, well, desperate. It's not going to go away just because they are ignoring it. The Tea Party movement sure didn't.


  1. I want to be surprised that this news is being ignored. I really do. But, the issue is political, not scientific. Truth really doesn't change the politics of it.


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