Words fail at this horror: UPDATED

The Philadelphia Horror: How mass murder gets a pass
He rationalized his macabre habit of cutting off dead babies’ feet and saving them in rows and rows of specimen jars as "research."

Updates: I'll be adding more links that discuss this as I find them.

  • Gosnell; Baby Feet Kick the Nation – UPDATES

  • Slicing Spinal Cords With Scissors
    In the end, the hundreds of live babies murdered by Gosnell died because of the left’s attempt to create a world of cosmically perfect equality between men and women. They failed to compromise with reality and children died.

    As in so many other things, it is time for the left to grow up and act like adults. Adults suffer so that children don’t have to. If hundreds or thousands of women have to suffer some emotional distress just to protect the life of one child then so be it. It’s time for capital-F feminists to admit that, as adults, women have an innate responsibility to put the good of children before their own.
    I suggest reading the comments on this post as well.

  • Gruesome Allegations Surrounding Philly Abortion Doc Spur Washington Debate
    "As these politicians take control of the House, they want to be able to interfere with our personal, private decisions, especially a woman's right to choose," said Naral Pro-Choice for America President Nancy Keenan. "They are out of touch with our country's values and priorities. What happened to the jobs agenda?"
    "What happened to the jobs agenda?" For real dude is slicing and dicing women and babies in a filthy clinic and now somebody wants to talk about jobs? How about we put unemployed folk to work inspecting abortion clinics across the nation because the people who have those jobs now don't seem to be doing them very well.

  • Kermit Gosnell Crimes wiki
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