Super Committee Epic Fail

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. Clock Ticks Down to Super Committee Failure
Failure is an option, and one the Super Committee on debt reduction looks increasingly likely to end up with.

A last-ditch meeting of lawmakers ended Monday afternoon with no smiles, no comments, but some vivid body language. Even a visit to the White House by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., co-chairwoman of the panel of 12 came and went without comment.
Come on now. Who thought this would end any other way. This was designed to fail. It was clear from the beginning that this was just a way to kick the can down the road and kick it down the road again. Cinch up your belt a little tighter folks and count the days until November 2012.


  1. nuh uhhhhh....
    it was gonna work....
    it was gonna work...

    btw, i have my santa list ready. wanna see it?

  2. Nah, I'm waiting for the Easter Bunny to bail me out.

    super committee


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