No you're not a meth head if you take Adderall

Some random dude on Facebook posted this dreck.
"For those of you who take adderall & swear you aren't a meth head." Alongside a photo of models of the molecular structure of crystal meth and the active ingredient in Adderall. A concerned Facebook friend wanted to know if it was true. #nerdspawn to the rescue.

"The two drugs do have similar chemical structures. However, therapeutic doses of Adderall taken under supervision of a medical professional are no comparison to drug addicts abusing crystal meth. Whoever did this needed to spend more time on their organic chemistry and molecular neuropharmacology. People shouldn't try to equate taking Adderall as prescribed with abusing crystal meth. We need less of this kind of foolishness stigmatizing people and preventing them from getting the help they need."
Any questions?


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